Planning it out !

My plan for this project basically aims at tracking fitness goals and boosting overall motivation for fitness components. Whether its heart rate monitoring, endurance, skills or stamina, speed, push up and sit ups counts etc, I would want them to keep a track regularly so that they can self-judge and also contribute in peer-to-peer assessment.
Planning ahead : The flow chart below summarizes how I intend to go about executing my plan for the project
(click for clear picture!)


My PL network and collaborator P.E geek have helped me shape a tentative plan with very innovative insights . Like the one above (“To-identify” sheet received through DROPBOX), I am constantly drawing useful stuff from sharing and exploring with them.
I am currently working on the entire plan of action to give it a meaningful place in the school curricula.Hoping it just fits in there perfectly ! We cannot just jump in there with this new unit without first finding out how it will be taken by the kids.Hence, I will be doing a pre-implementation research on a limited group, observe the trends and then go ahead with the plan.
If the involvement,  the response and the impact of this on students substantially increases, I would have produced lifelong fit and healthy bunch of kids !!!
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