Final Checkpoint-Project Coetail 5

The last six months have been no short of an extravagant experience of learning and having fun with kids .Being able to closely monitor their needs ,efforts and progress has led to a deeper understanding in me. Integrating technology to analyse and improve their fitness levels has shown impressive results so far and will continue to be part of my PE vision at AES for years to come. And as every semester, I am able to generate a healthy bunch of talented kids, I will look back to my journey in Coetail and always thank it for planting the seeds of “tech learning” in me.


My short movie below gives a glimpse of how it has been in the last few months working on this project. Hope you find it interesting !

Also, you can check out my lesson UBD here:  Nisha_Sethi_Designing_a_Physical_Fitness_Routine


Learning definitely doesn’t end here.

Miles to go before I sleep !

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