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After we were done with our research ,we successfully concluded that the experimental group that was given additional circuit training, had improved fitness levels by the end of the reasearch period and felt more motivated towards making it a routine.Post this, I discussed my idea of implementation and evaluation with my fellow colleagues @Liz Halina and @ Rick Freil for tips and suggestions to make this an essential component of the curricula that everyone in the PE deptt could follow eventually.Thanks guys! You were great.

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The fitness regimes had to be kept student-friendly and entertaining so that their interest and motivation could persist on a daily basis.The first thing I needed to get across to them was the reason WHY we have stressed so much on maintaining overall fitness. I let the research kids do a lot of talking and sharing with peers so that they could present a glimpse of their pre and post experience and how they felt “different” after regularly indulging into fitness routine before actual sports. Had ipads and apps not been there, the reflections would have never been on record for others to see.

I began with teaching them how different sets of exercises will affect different set of muscles and how it will help them in the particular sports they engage in.The iMuscle app helped them retain and review the concepts even at home.

The muscle sheet I shared with them proved to be an amazing way of learning.They sent their responses onGoogle docs with their own pictures pointing at their own muscles . Clarity of concepts at its ultimate best ! They had been exercising and using the four components of fitness without knowing why they were doing it. Using a creative hands-on lesson ensured that they know just exactly what they are supposed to do and how.

Next, I played videos of ideal postures of push ups, sit ups, leg lifts etc in the gym for everyone to see and analyze. They were then asked to record their own videos and their peer’s on Ipad for self and cross analysis(eventually uploaded through the Portfolio app).Through this, they understood the proper technique, safety and physical activity guidelines corresponding to each type ; the definition,utility and benefit of each component(muscular endurance,strength,cardio and flexibility).Basically, self assessment gets different kinds of questions in their minds and widens evidences of learning which otherwise they would not have ever delved deep into.  By looking at others, you can only try getting close to the position without knowing the actual parameters behind it. If not for the slow pro app, knowing at what angle they are supposed to lift their leg would have remained more of an ambiguity.The video and picture below shows how PUSH UPs were dealt with(since that’s where students most often go wrong)

Finally, as an evidence of improvement, we needed some numeric quantity with which we could monitor and streamline their progress.Previously,they had no idea about how and when their “heart rate” is affected during an activity. Thanks to the heart rate app that each one of them,invariably, has on their ipads.

Heart rate

During all warm up sessions and practice units, they used to record their pre and post heart rates irrespective of the activity they were indulging in. I explained the significance of cardiovascular development and need of decreasing the resting heart rate.Upper and lower limits were set so that they could comfortably aim for achievable heart rates.They performed accordingly ever since.

For evaluation, the heart rate sheets were shared with them and they recorded their respective heart rate in there. Then, they created graphs for visually understanding the curves of overall improvement.I was able to monitor their progress , components of improvements and give feedback individually.

To make instant analysis and feedback possible,I set up the Google Doc Spreadsheet  on school laptop while we were in the Gymnasium and presented it to all of them through the projector (see below) As students received information on their change in heart rates,it deepened their overall understanding of the exercise and corresponding fitness component.

Everything regarding their personal fitness levels and goals is consistently being recorded by them in their ePortfolio app base.

The routine was incorporated during every 85 minute block class whether we were doing team games , team building activities, or preps for tournaments.

Finally, they were well-prepared to self – assess needs for fitness,create  and implement a fitness plan and make necessary changes timely to suit new needs.

This happened to be long journey and now it seems we have gained enough pace and understanding to keep it on for years to come. Penetration into other type of skills and sports, other grades and eventually intertwining in daily lives is all that I have set out for now.Technology as a means and not as a replacement will continue to be a part of my instruction methodology. Thanks Coetail !





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