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I remember the first leg of my course with COETAIL when I had no clue as to how to go about writing a single blog with license from Creative Common for pictures. I ventured out with this great journey to first learn, try, and then grow. It was not going to be easy since I, along with many others, had to try our hands for the first time at something as comprehensive as blogging . PE, till that time, was about new games new sports and new techniques that I found about from the internet or my fellow colleagues. In short, a linear curve of learning .











With COETAIL coming in, my growth as a professional has been exponential, not only because of the new things we have been taught but the incredible opportunities of cross-interacting with peers in India and across the world through channels like Twitter,Facebook,Google ,DropBox etc and using our own wiki and blogs as a platform to reach out with our ideas ,simultaneously inviting suggestions from others to make the whole process better. The journey dates back to Learning 2.0 conference in Shanghai, China that literally exposed me to an altogether different vision when it came to PE. It was a dynamic knowledge house .

My first thought about it “ Oh my goodness, really ??” PE GEEKS WORLD is what I remember naming the entire experience of meeting PE geeks, learning about the numerous ways of using Web 2.0 tools and aligning it with our teaching and sharing.

I’ve made an illustrative collage showing all the domains I have exploited to dig as much knowledge as I can. This shall summarize the basis, composition and the dynamics of my Personal Learning Network .When I tweeted about the SlowPro App, I received responses from so many teachers across the globe.There is a 14-day challenge going on for PE teachers wherein we are supposed to tweet as much as we can for sharing and learning.PE geek organized an online sharing portal for us (PEPICS below) where we all were supposed to share what we do in our classrooms pertaining to the theme of the day.G+ allowed hang-outs for real time sharing of plans, project designs and innovative insights .For my UBD unit last time, PE geek Mr.Robbo Pe bible  through DropBox which really helped me perceive different angles to my own project. Even for this tech-integration project that I have undertaken, the muscular fitness sheets and similar ideas were from Pe bible via DropBox and I used them for further evaluation of students.

Group learning facilitates a rich pool of knowledge where you can draw any amount of relevant knowledge pertaining to your subject of concern. And I have totally witnessed its benefits throughout this COETAIL journey.Thanks to each one them for being there !

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