Fantastic first day 1314


Happy New year 2013-2014
















Fantastic first day of school.Main message to students by the Principal was to push their boundaries,challenge themselves and to be the person they want to be.

We played fun games…Finding nemo

Mingling within space and greeting one another with a gentle handshake.The aim of the games is not to be the last one in line.

To begin  the teacher appoint a secret Nemo as the class close their eyes for a few moment  while teacher tap one person silently on the shoulder.

Next instruct the group (which includes nemo) to mingle about the area greeting one another with a gentle handshake,asking the question”ARE YOU NEMO ?”

Everyone  must answer this question with”No”.Nemo will be asked to answer “NO” to first five people He or she greets,after which ,they must answer he question with  simple”YES”

As soon as group member receive “YES from NEMO he silently form a line behind Nemo.As soon as kids notice  this happening kids rush to form a part of the line. The last person in line will do ten pushups.


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