Ipad summit New Delhi 2013

Ipad summit

I had an amazing time at ipad summit 2013,  AES New Delhi I got back from here with a lot of new knowledge mixed with a lot of fun .

Apps to Get Your Body Moving with Nisha Sethi

Workshop Description:   

Let’s engage in a discussion about PE iPad apps, what are we using that is successful?  I share what the uses with my students The first half of this session will focus on thinking critically about app usage within classroom given its Kinesthetic nature. As we know assessment plays a big role in the learning in PE. So we need tools that allows teachers to easily capture supportive evidence and can also shine during peer assessment.  While the ultimate goal for PE is for all students to be active participants.There are moments when this isn’t possible.  So with that in mind we can use those kids meaningfully engage with iPads.

A few years back , I termed myself technology challenged because i absolutely had no idea as to how the gadgets around me could be utilized to their functionality.

Then and now, when i am able to make them a part of my profession in a way that i am standing here amidst all of you to present my findings, my exploration and implementation in the classroom , I feel great.

Many of my fellows call me the ipad freak because more often than not they have seen me carrying it in and out  for one or the other unit.

The following slides shall explain why.

I have divided my ppt into structures.

Structure 1 deals with Observation 

Structure 2 with Evaluation 

Structure 3 with feedback

I will explain each app in brief ad then demonstrate the same.

So we begin with the first app called the iMuscle

A very important aspect of physical education is to develop life long fitness in students beyond teaching them new skills in new sports.


Informative apps like i Muscle were the ones that kids could refer to even at home and used the to focus on essentials of fitness exercises- the how, the why and the what. The muscles that were affected during an exercise and how they could strengthen them to build flexibility and endurance .

Such apps reiterated what they were taught in the class.

eventually. i tested them on their knowledge through these fill up sheets.


A simple app that has found its place as a instant activity/warm up when students first enter the gymnasium. I simply connect the iPad to a projector (day 1) and as students arrive to class after getting changed they launch straight into the activity as a warm up.


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