Fun Games

Bumpity,Bump, Bump. Bump.

Give five min to mingle around time the know the names of each kid.Once  the names are known all the students stand in a circle.The students must know the names of the students on either side of them. One student starts the game standing in the middle of circle. Middle person goes up to a student and says,either you, mine ,right or left.(Name ).. Bumpity,Bump.Bump Bump.”

The student then has to say the name of the student before the middle student finishes saying Bumpity,Bump.Bump Bump.” 

If the student says the name before the middle student Bumpity,Bump.Bump Bump.”then they stay where they are. But if they are slow then they become the student in the middle. After some time change postions in the circle and add two middle persons.





Rock papers scissors capture the chicken

Group students in teams of 3 or 4
Spread out in groups across the base line and at each end of the gym each group must line up across from a group at the other end of the gym
On the go the first person from each end race towards each other, stop when the meet at rubber chicken and have a game of rock paper scissors
winner advances with the rubber chicken and keeps running towards the other end of the gym and a “new” player runs out to stop them from advancing
player that didn’t win runs back to the back of their original line
when the players meet another game ensues
winner advances, running towards opposite end of the gym with the rubber chicken keeps continuing like this to win the round or game a player must get to the opposite baseline or end of the gym with the chicken can be quick or can take awhile depending on which side wins games!

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