Fitness Testing Important Part of MS PE Curriculum.

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At AES Physical fitness:

It’s the experience,not the score

It’s the process,not the product

Fitness activities and skills are experienced

It’s a part of every lesson

Kids learn how to evaluate their fitness.

Every year,earlier in the year we do our fitness testing baseline data collection.The students were taught the different components of fitness: flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance,muscular strength.Once they had mastered those concepts,students go through a series of fitness tests to give them an idea of their current level of fitness.

The fitness test was a lot of fun and the students enjoyed participating in it.

Here is the template that was shared with all middle school kids through google drive.All the kids have this template in their iPad.Once the students complete their test,they add their scores on to their template.




They come and give their results to me and I entered them into spreadsheet.Here’s what the sheet looks like.Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 10.05.46 AM

This is a good time for me to go over their results  with each class.I talk to them about their results and how they feel about their fitness.

The test the students performed:image10Min Run

Sit and Reach:Flexibility

Sit ups (1 Min): Muscular strength

Push ups(1 Min ):

Leg lifts(1Min):


Last 10 min of class time was spent on focus on the student’s goal.They had to analyze their videos and identify areas of improvement.


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