Fitness Horizontal Assessment.

Currently PE does a fitness assessment 3 times a year for 2 upper body and 2 core strength performances (push-ups, bench dips, sit-ups, leg lifts) as well as a cardio-resp. and flexibility assessment (10-min. run, stretch box).  This assessment battery is conducted at the beginning of the year (baseline) and end of each semester.  Results of these assessments are sent to the assessment office for statistical analysis.  

We also collect data for a mile run and max count (using the same 4 exercise as the fitness assessment) twice a year and do statistical analysis internally.  These are horizontal assessments.

This year we have also added two vertical assessments common to all 3 divisions.  We use a likkert scale survey to assess student attitudes towards PE and the PACER test to measure cardio-resp fitness.

The final week after the spring break we will be completing our second round of fitness testing.These test are not assessed against any standard. The students are encouraged to work towards personal improvement in each of the tests.If you have any questions about your child’s fitness test results they record the results in google spread sheet,which is saved in the PE Semester 1 folder. Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 7.40.01 PM

Hapara- Teacher Dashboard

Hapara- Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard supports teachers in managing, organizing, and working with shared folders between teachers and students.


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