Invasion Games unit.

MS PE has begun our Invasion Games unit. Invasion games are those sports or

recreational activities, which specify team territories into which the offense must

penetrate for the purpose of scoring. Defenses are trying to stop this from

happening. Examples would be Futbol, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Ultimate

Frisbee, Basketball, Team Handball, etc.

In this unit students will be applying physical skill sets emphasized and practiced

in previous units (catching, throwing, striking). The thematic focus is on

developing and improving understanding and using concepts of defensive and

offensive Strategy and Tactics in team games. We will be using simplified

invasion games to promote strategic planning and tactical execution.

In addition to our daily standards, this unit specifically addresses the following


2.3- Use and understand offensive and defensive strategies in a game

1.2- Combine skills competently in team and individual sports

As always the formula F+PT=IP applies:

Fitness + Proper Technique = Improved Performance








American football lead up games

Pig ball

TOUCHDOWN is a fun football activity, where a player tries to score a touchdown against two defenders.


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