2015-2016 School Year

We  started the year  with some getting to know activities  and their comfort level.

Take risks because you never know how wonderful something could turn out to be!!!

Getting out of comfort zone may require lot of time.

Don’t panic , be patient always believe that nothing is impossible.


The first unit of the year  I have been teaching Balance and movement  in middle school classes.

What ? why? How?

What are we learning today?

Why is this important ?

How will we know we have learned ?

The balance unit as it is a base for all sports.

Balance and movement develops a keen body awareness and its capabilities .Like in baseball and also in tag games alert and chase.

Awareness of self in physical environment.Ex In tag game boundaries

Awareness of movement components.Ex space, control, speed force.

Teaching kids about controlling body actions.

For example learning about base of support and the center of gravity.

Static balances: weight bearing activities. Front and rear support , wall hand stand, hand stand

It allows us to teach a variety of fundamental skills like rolling, jumping,balancing and landing. It helps students to use their creativity to perform sequence and routines and work collaboratively with other students.

For Assessment for balance unit we established  balance error scoring system. The BESS consists of 3 tests lasting 20 seconds each, performed on a firm surface (gym) all with the eyes closed.

  • The kids first stands with the feet together, the hands on the hips, and the eyes closed
  • The kids holds this stance for 20 seconds while the number of balance errors (opening the eyes, hands coming off hips, a step, stumble or fall, moving the hips more than 30 degrees, lifting the forefoot or heel, or remaining out of testing position for more than 5 seconds) are recorded as errors.
  • The test is then repeated with a single-leg stance using the non-dominant foot, and

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.56.36 PM

  • A third time using a heel-toe stance with the non-dominant foot in the rear


The unit kids have been focusing on movement and balance.The unit is really going well,so I thought it would be cool to share it with all.Here are some of the things students have been trying. The aim at the end of students  will be to creating a short routine that demonstrate their skills. Like– Individual balance, partner balance with  movements.ms sethiI allowed student to pick their own groups so that they could work with people who they felt comfortable with (so long they are inclusive and respect each other ideas and opinions.)

The unit is going well ..

First task ..Create your own balance on different parts of the body  and demonstrate to the group

Second task- Extension try and remove a point from balance to increase the difficulty of balance

Third task-Create your own partner balance and demonstrate to the group.

Fourth task- Link the individual balance , and partner balance with movement from medium to hard.

Fifth task – Performing movements on the equipments

Sixth task- Demonstrate alphabet shapes and balances and then as a group make a word.

Final task-Student will  put together a routine and incorporate knowledge learned on each task

Students will be able to verbally state the 4 steps of the forward roll and demonstrate it with success.  Student will be able to verbally state the proper grip technique of the parallel bars and how to mount and dismount.  The student will be able to demonstrate the proper technique of mounting the High Beam and show respect to all safety rules while learning.

Objective:  Students will learn proper technique of using the trampoline and vaulting horse for performing spot on.

Vaulting Horse:  Students will learn the proper technique of how to do a spot on.  Step one arms are shoulder width apart, palms flat and in center of horse.  Step two:  jump should be high and strong.  Student will jump three counts listening to the instructors’ count.  Step three:  Plant feet onto the vaulting horse, stand up and Step four: dismount using the motor cycle landing.  Note:  some students may only be able to practice the jumps first, then move to the other steps when they are more confident.

Parallel Bars :  Students will be introduced to the parallel bars and will be taught proper technique on how to mount and exit bar.  Student will demonstrate proper technique in putting legs up and over bars, walking on their hands. Bear walk, crab walk, inch worm.

Students will all practice what they have learned on all equipment, different movements  and balances.  Students will be responsible for safety and for communicating with the teacher at all times.

Student will  put together a routine and incorporate knowledge learned on each item.  The student will be divided  into small groups and then they come up with a simple routine:  i.e. chart wheel, job to high beam, mount and perform balance or airplane stance, dismount and then skip to trampoline and perform squat on etc.

This year journey of this unit will go global  and  our vision of creating digital portfolios to capture major learning using the S A M R Model.

Substitute – ( instead of video camera …we will use i pad )

Augmentation-Instead of plug in video camera we will use book creator app

Modification- Students use the book creator app videos to analyze their balances and routines.

Redefinition-Share it with parents and world.


Book creator app for portfolio?

The portfolio is a collection of student work, reflections, skill self-assessments, fitness goals, peer-assessment of games.To build up a complete picture of student learning in physical education.


Some work examples:photo (3)

My students portfolio

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.56.22 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.56.08 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.57.12 PM


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