Globisation “So you think you can balance”

 This blogpost has been created to provide parents to see what their children are doing in PE class.
Student work , photos videos will be posted.
 After having attended some absolutely fun workshops in different parts of the United States  and doing some online stuff. I am all ready to take on some exciting initiatives for her middle school  kids – ranging from skill learning, technique improvisation , fun in PE and technology integration.
With a whole lot of new apps and my ever favorite ipad – I’ll be on my toes to shoot videos , track record times and show you some awesome
Assessment methods – all in one place .(Book creator app)

IMG_2716I just finished a balance and movement unit. I wanted  to show some globisation with other PE teachers all over the world.

“So you think you can balance”
I will submit some partner and individual balnces to other PE teachers  around the world. So other kids can try our balances over 10,000 km away.
IMG_1622 (1)
 We concentrated on movement and balance with the aim of students creating a short routine that will demonstrate their skills.
The routine involved a creating a word with thier bodies,  individual balances, group balances and partner balance with movements.
The Videos below are snippets from most routines
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