Swimming 2015

Swim lesson plan 


Our swimming unit guides students to refine their four basic swim strokes.

Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. Assessment is part of everyday teaching and learning.

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Freestyle  assessment

Video Free style is first stroke that every one learns.

Non swimmer sheet

Key points. Face down……leading a steam-line position body with your top of head and steam line position with freeze up their shoulder allows in nice long  and loose stroke.

Leading with your face don’t  work because  face  covers the front of body more surface area and which will create the body less aerodynamic.It creates tightness and  lack of range of motion in the shoulders the does not help you to go stream line.

Always Face down –comfortable looking down at the bottom of pool with eyes  open.(looking 3/4 bottom of pool)

High elbow with low hand ensuring nice and relax stroke allows to hang close to the surface of the water…conserving energy.


Please don’t use wind mill (hand is higher than the elbow)

Hand —Balance stroke..(not to cross the midline)while swimming body rotation right side and left side for balanceno crossing of hand  ( no zig and zag ) balance straight forward right side and left side attack as the body rotates from side to side

Balance again-Hand entry should be  is right  in front of shoulder not crossing the midline.




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