Track and field Unit 2016

MS PE is beginning our Track and Field unit. During this unit we emphasize proper specific techniques for sprinting,long distance, high jump, long jump, shot putt and discus. Additionally we examine general principles that are consistent components of any activity involving running, jumping or throwing. This approach engages students in comparing common elements of a mechanical action while contrasting specific techniques. We try to keep minds working along with bodies!

As per all units cardio endurance and muscle stamina activities are a regular part of every class.

On days when the AQI indicates a no-aerobic activity day we move activities indoors when possible and modify outdoor activities to focus on technique development and practice as per school policy.

Sprinting vocabulary

The sprint start

  • ” On  Your Marks” measuring your starting position and placing your hands.
  • “Set” butt in the air,leaning forward,looking up.
  • “Go” Drive and acceleration.
  • Don’t slow down until you cross the finish line.
  • Run in your lane.

High knees





Relays exchange mistakes for outgoing runner and incoming runner.

  1. The outgoing runner leaves too early.
  2. The outgoing runner leaves too late.
  3. The outgoing runner runs on the wrong side of the lane.
  4. The outgoing runner leaves well, then looks back to make sure.
  5. The outgoing runner puts his hand back before it’s called for.
  6. The incoming runner slows down because he “thinks he will run up the back” of the outgoing runner, and then the outgoing runner leaves him.
  7. The incoming runner runs on the wrong side of the lane.
  8. The incoming runner says “stick” too soon or too late.
  9. The incoming runner anticipates where the hand is going to be and misses.
  10. The incoming runner does not finish the pass and lets go of the baton before the outgoing runner has had the chance to close her finger on the stick.






Place the shot  in your pads of finger with thumb and little finger  supporting.Cup the shot so that your palm is not touching.Place the shot underneath the collarbone next to your neck.Raise your elbow so that you cradle the shot with neck and collarbone.

Movement concept:

Bent knee and individual is applying force to the ground.

Tactics: Rotate the torso

Front leg remain straight

Newton law of motion. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The ground has supplied the individual with an opposite force which will move from his/her leg up to the arm. This force will carry the shot further.


Stand shoulder width apart side ways  for basic stance and point your left hand up in the direction of throw.All the power comes from your legs ,so bend your knee as much as possible to keep balance.Rotate your hips as you face forward to release the shot from you collarbone and keep your elbow high and wrist straight.While putting the shot,you should  try to release at an angle of 45 degrees.




High jump-Fosbury Flop –

Approach-“J-shaped” run up which consists of the student running in a straight line towards the high jump, with the last 3 or 4 strides curving around.

Take off:IMG_1513IMG_1518

Take off leg is slightly ahead of body,close to near upright.driving leg comes up with arms coming from low to high and reaching up over the bar.

Flight:Momentum changes to vertical not horizontal.The leg nearest to the bar is driven up high and arms are swung upwards with the other leg.


 Landing:Once the hips are over  the bar the legs are snapped straight from the knee and land on shoulder/back.


Long jump

First step : To find out your dominant foot.We take three hop from a stationary line with right and left foot.The foot that is further is your dominant foot.




Approach set up. Place your dominant foot on top of takeoff board and run at the pace that you will be jumping towards the runway. 14-16 year old kids should take 9 or 11 steps.( one step as every time your dominant foot hits the ground.Two three times run through the pit as if you are going to jump.Check the position of  your dominant foot on the takeoff board and move your mark if adjustment is necessary. If your mark is still off run through until you are comfortable.







Holding the discus

Place discus in your throwing hand

spread fingers out with index finger inline with wrist

place the discus in first tips of fingers

Release the discus with palm down

3 times arm swing to get the centrifugal force.

The discus comes out of the index finger  and spin in clockwise direction for right handed thrower.

Place the throwing hand on top of the discus.

Spread the fingers comfortably across the discus.

Fingers curling over the rim of the discus.

Do not grip the Discus.

The starting position.

Stand side on with the upper body facing away from the direction of the throw with feet shoulder width apart.

Chin ,knee,toe all in line.

Practice swinging discus back going low to high behind the hips and right leg.


Movement concept

Transfer weight from back foot to front foot.



Discus is released out of the index finger.







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