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Climbing unit: kids are trying the brownie challenge keeping in mind the safety and key points on the wall

Always use correct communication sequence

Objectives: Communication system safety, teamwork, fundamental of climbing

Who: climber, lead belay, secondary belay( at least 2 secondary belays1.Climber and lead belay check harness, knots and readiness

2.Secondary belays check each other’s harness, knots, nd readiness.

3.Secondary belays relay readiness to lead belay

4. lead belay relays readiness to climber.

5.Climber “On belay/Belay On! Lead belay; On belay ( take up slack and get ready to go

6. Climber”climbing lead belay “climb ( going up the wall)

7.Climber:”take” lead belay “Taking ” ( hold climber in position for break or rest)

8Climber “lower” Lead belay “lowering ” (slowly lower climber down to ground)



Today Second-mile run was a little different than we as teachers thought. While we covered the same distance but the difference in the terrain of the ground might have contributed to difference we saw the time results eventually.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.49.55 AM
How do you think running the same distance (1600m) on two different size courses affects your outcome time?  Why might they not be the same?

How does the different pace you need to maintain impact your performance?

Which do you prefer? Why?

What an opportunity for THINKING doing things differently this time has provided us and our students.
I think as a teacher….Impact possibility
The only difference in the two setups
-The texture of the ground: artificial grass-200mts track
-Real grass-150 mts
No of laps
Did (8) laps V/S 10:5 laps after their average lap speed hence 200mts increasing  and 150 their overall time taken across the same 1600 distance.
Does it has an impact psychologically?








Good kick off with mile run today.Despite the fact that 50% of my runners started with”aarrgh I don’t want to do this “.imageimage

GOAL you set for yourself.


Flip class room with Timeline app


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