Team 7 Advisory Program at AES


Here is the presentation



  • 7th grade: Our level photo will be taken on Wednesday @ the Rock Garden at the beginning of lunch.
  • MS student & teacher photos Tuesday – Thursday

Advisory Plan:

For ET next Tuesday (August 30th), you will be presenting your “Advisory Name”, Picture or design and an accompanying skit/presentation/dance/performance/slide show that is directly relates to the “Advisory Name”.


  • Whatever your advisory chooses to present, should  be no longer than 3 minutes
  • You will Monday, Tuesday & Thursday to prep for Tuesday’s ET.

The Advisory program at AES :

Individually and then as a group, reflect on where you are now about the following:

    • This year….What were some of your learning highlights?
    • Academic highlights?  Social highlights?
    • Set a goal for this week. It can be any of the three!

One adult meets with a small group of students 3-4 times a week. This is especially important in 6th grade as they adjust to life in the MS

This provides students with:

™a caring environment

™both personal and academic guidance and support

™everyday administrative details


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