Advisory Belief

  •  In advisory we address the question
  • How should  advisory…” look, sound, and feel in each of the sections advisees place sticky notes in each of the sections that address the question

As part of the AES Middle School Community:

● I will strive to build a peaceful and inclusive community at AES.

● I believe that every student, faculty member & staff has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

● I will work to ensure that my behavior and my actions do not harass or make fun of anyone. I will work to not engage in gossip, rumors or put downs.

● Although I know I am not perfect and I will make mistakes, when I do make mistakes I will have the courage to take responsibility and will do what I can to make amends.

● I will practice kindness and forgiveness and will assume positive intentions.

● I believe I have the power to build a peaceful and inclusive AES!

● I will practice these behaviors in and out of school, in person and online, in order to preserve the integrity of our school community.

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