Summative: Performance Assessment

Set up rubric to assess different skills: serving, forhand, backhand.


Summative: Visual Assessment

Partner students to watch and correct their partners form. Discuss strategies of Table Tennis with partners or in small groups.


Summative: Personal Project

Will encourage students to take part in lunch time intermurals and after school table tennis club to improve skill and experience the joy of playing this sport outside the classroom.


Formative: Observation

Encourage students to offer positive feedback to eachother on their progress, observe students to ensure that they respect eachother, self, and equipment. Students must make responsible choices inside class and ensure safely and behavior and timeliness, etc. Change, showers are a manditory and students are marked down if they do not comply.


Summative: Observation

Rotated students of various skill level to play eachother in a non-competetive level and gave lesser skilled students a change to improve before moving onto competetive play with students of greater skill level.


Summative: Performance Assessment

Assess students on skill acquisition through performance assessment of the skill: serving, forhand or backhand.


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