Guidelines for Success

Middle School Physical Education Guidelines for Success



Meeting areas

  • Students are expected to meet at teacher designated areas at the beginning and end of class.

Physical Education attire

  • Students must have a complete change of clothes separate from their school clothes, consisting of an athletic top, shorts/sweats, socks, and sneakers. All attire must adhere to school dress codes.
  • During the Dance unit, at least ¾ length or longer sweatpants
  • Appropriate swimwear (one piece swimsuits for girls) and swim caps are required during swimming. Sunscreen and swim goggles are recommended.
  • When a change of clothes is not available students will still be expected to participate.
  • Participating without a change of clothes will result in lowered daily grades.
  • Lost/misplaced items to be reported to the teacher after an adequate search.


  • The students are expected to arrive at their meeting locations within 5 minutes after the 1st bell.
  • Unexcused tardies will be handled according to Student Handbook guidelines.

Medical Exemptions

If you are unable to participate in P.E. for a medical reason you are expected to:

  • Provide a note from home or from a doctor, or see the nurse for medical evaluation.
  • Provide written explanation of limitations & capabilities

Locker Room Expectations

  • Appropriate student behavior is vital for safety.
  • Students are expected to be responsible and lock all personal items in their lockers.
  • Students are required to use a school lock for their locker.


  • Showers are a part of P.E. for basic hygiene. Ten minutes will be provided at the end of each class for showers/changing.
    • On some days showers will be REQUIRED for all participating students.
    • On some days showers may be OPTIONAL.
    • Towels are available in the locker room.


  • Physical & emotional safety IS IMPORTANT AT ALL TIMES. Appropriate student behavior is vital for maintaining a safe learning environment. You are expected to use P.E. equipment correctly and in the manner intended.  Endangering others and behaving in an unsafe manner will result in appropriate consequences.


  • PE is an active participation class.
  • Students will engage in physical activities which may be strenuous, challenging and new.
  • PE students are expected to engage in and contribute to activities to the best of their own ability on any given day.
  • Positive participation produces positive result

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