MY PE classes at AES


Physical Education is required in all grades at Middle School. The course is designed to provide a healthy and caring environment where students can develop competency in many movement forms. Activity units offered are structured for skill acquisition, enjoyment, and expanding knowledge about the rules and strategies of different sports, and are also geared towards improving problem solving skills through adventure sports. Physical fitness is a key component that is showcased in a fun filled atmosphere during every 85 minute block class. Interpersonal skills such as demonstrating respect, offering positive feedback, demonstrating responsible behavior in terms of physical and emotional safety, as well as maintaining good personal hygiene; are essential for success in this course. The importance of valuing physical activity for its contribution to a healthy lifestyle is emphasized. Content includes individual/dual activities, lifetime sports, team sports, cooperative games, and team-building activities, each integrated with physical fitness.



Swimming unit

Students were exposed to cues that improved their skills at exhibiting Freestyle and Backstroke, as well as were encouraged to learn Diving at the levels they were most comfortable. These aspects were then worked on by “peer coaches” and then evaluated by instructors. Students were given the time and opportunity to look at what they needed to improve on  the rubric and using video recorder to record performance to evaluate or reflect on performance and then work on that specific, and then be assessed again.


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