Awesome apps for PE

Phoster app: Poster making for all after school activities and class notice

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e book for PE:  Book creator

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Google forms

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Fitness Testing Important Part of MS PE Curriculum.

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At AES Physical fitness:

It’s the experience,not the score

It’s the process,not the product

Fitness activities and skills are experienced

It’s a part of every lesson

Kids learn how to evaluate their fitness.

Every year,earlier in the year we do our fitness testing baseline data collection.The students were taught the different components of fitness: flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance,muscular strength.Once they had mastered those concepts,students go through a series of fitness tests to give them an idea of their current level of fitness.

The fitness test was a lot of fun and the students enjoyed participating in it.

Here is the template that was shared with all middle school kids through google drive.All the kids have this template in their iPad.Once the students complete their test,they add their scores on to their template.




They come and give their results to me and I entered them into spreadsheet.Here’s what the sheet looks like.Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 10.05.46 AM

This is a good time for me to go over their results  with each class.I talk to them about their results and how they feel about their fitness.

The test the students performed:image10Min Run

Sit and Reach:Flexibility

Sit ups (1 Min): Muscular strength

Push ups(1 Min ):

Leg lifts(1Min):


Last 10 min of class time was spent on focus on the student’s goal.They had to analyze their videos and identify areas of improvement.


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The difference between winning and succeeding.(John Wooden Ted Talk)

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Swimming Assesment

swim lesson plan 14-15

Our swimming unit guides students to refine their four basic swim strokes.

Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. Assessment is part of everyday teaching and learning.

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Invasion Games

Invasion involve controlling an object and keeping away from an opponent and moving into open space to score.

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Team building activities

Hula Hoop HutHula team building activityHula Hoop Castle

We started the climbing wall unit with some team building activities. The goal of the activity was build a free standing hula-hoop castle and then one team member must crawl inside the hut. The Castle is built by laying the first hoop on the ground,then 2 hoops on a 45 degree angle touching at the top. The other one hoops are placed at 45 degree with a support of 90 degree hoop. Final hoop is placed at the top to finish the Castle.

Hula Hoop Castle ball

Set up : Split the class into two teams each occuping one side of the gym.On each side behind the end line place three “castles”.

Equipment Needed: Hula Hoops and dodge balls.

Object: The object of the game is to try and throw a dodge ball to knock over the other team’s castles.The both teams are trying to defend their castles from being knocked over.When one team loses all three castles the game is over.


Teams are not allowed to reset their castles if they are partially knowed over.




Two different colored hula-hoops are needed for each circle.Student form a circle, facing inwards.Every one joins hands around the circle.Two people in the circle hold the two hoops between them,(so that the hoops are now resting on the top of their  joined hands.) The challenge is to pass the two hoops in opposite directions around the circle with out ever unclasping hands. On color hoop goes in one direction, and the other color hoop in the direction.The hoops cross in the middle and keep going so that each color hoop ends up where the other hoop began.The faster circle to do this wins.

Any base Baseball

Equipment :Rubber ball  and bases.

Divide the group into two teams . The game is played on a regular softball field. Home plate is a regular base.  The other base are 1st,2nd and 3rd base and on the pitcher’s mound.There are no outs. Everyone on the batting team will have one turn at bat before the team rotate.The batter goes up to bat at home plate.The pitcher roll the ball to batter and batter tries to kick the ball anyplace within the boundaries.The batter then tries to run as many bases as possible and get safe before the fielding team gets the ball to the pitcher.The batter is safe when he/she is standing on the base and to score runs, the runner must run all the way from 3rd base to first base to be safe  and score one run.Base runners continue to advance and score runs until they become out or their inning at bat is completed.

Important points-

More than one runner can stand on any base.

Runs are scored when the base runners touch home plate and run to first base before being tag with the ball.Because home plate is not a safe for runners.

A fly ball does not automatically get the batter out.

The play is stopped when someone from the fielding team catches the ball.

If the base runner is not on the platehe/she can be tag with the ball.



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Fun Games

Bumpity,Bump, Bump. Bump.

Give five min to mingle around time the know the names of each kid.Once  the names are known all the students stand in a circle.The students must know the names of the students on either side of them. One student starts the game standing in the middle of circle. Middle person goes up to a student and says,either you, mine ,right or left.(Name ).. Bumpity,Bump.Bump Bump.”

The student then has to say the name of the student before the middle student finishes saying Bumpity,Bump.Bump Bump.” 

If the student says the name before the middle student Bumpity,Bump.Bump Bump.”then they stay where they are. But if they are slow then they become the student in the middle. After some time change postions in the circle and add two middle persons.





Rock papers scissors capture the chicken

Group students in teams of 3 or 4
Spread out in groups across the base line and at each end of the gym each group must line up across from a group at the other end of the gym
On the go the first person from each end race towards each other, stop when the meet at rubber chicken and have a game of rock paper scissors
winner advances with the rubber chicken and keeps running towards the other end of the gym and a “new” player runs out to stop them from advancing
player that didn’t win runs back to the back of their original line
when the players meet another game ensues
winner advances, running towards opposite end of the gym with the rubber chicken keeps continuing like this to win the round or game a player must get to the opposite baseline or end of the gym with the chicken can be quick or can take awhile depending on which side wins games!

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Speed ball

Happy New year hope every one had a great time and have recharged  for stronger new year

Well… the past week was …an interesting one. Unfortunately,the air quality was such that we had no-outside-activity day.

We played speedball in which we incorporate skills of handball,basketball and soccer.


The aim is to score points by aiming for different nets and baskets.We use rubber ball.

Points to remember: 3 steps and 3 seconds with the ball and dropped ball turns to he game of soccer and can pick ball up from soccer to handball.

How to score points for your team

3 points-A basketball shot made from inside the basketball key.

2 points- A soccer kick from inside the 3point line.

1 points- A handball throw from outside 3 point line.



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Ipad summit New Delhi 2013

Ipad summit

I had an amazing time at ipad summit 2013,  AES New Delhi I got back from here with a lot of new knowledge mixed with a lot of fun .

Apps to Get Your Body Moving with Nisha Sethi

Workshop Description:   

Let’s engage in a discussion about PE iPad apps, what are we using that is successful?  I share what the uses with my students The first half of this session will focus on thinking critically about app usage within classroom given its Kinesthetic nature. As we know assessment plays a big role in the learning in PE. So we need tools that allows teachers to easily capture supportive evidence and can also shine during peer assessment.  While the ultimate goal for PE is for all students to be active participants.There are moments when this isn’t possible.  So with that in mind we can use those kids meaningfully engage with iPads.

A few years back , I termed myself technology challenged because i absolutely had no idea as to how the gadgets around me could be utilized to their functionality.

Then and now, when i am able to make them a part of my profession in a way that i am standing here amidst all of you to present my findings, my exploration and implementation in the classroom , I feel great.

Many of my fellows call me the ipad freak because more often than not they have seen me carrying it in and out  for one or the other unit.

The following slides shall explain why.

I have divided my ppt into structures.

Structure 1 deals with Observation 

Structure 2 with Evaluation 

Structure 3 with feedback

I will explain each app in brief ad then demonstrate the same.

So we begin with the first app called the iMuscle

A very important aspect of physical education is to develop life long fitness in students beyond teaching them new skills in new sports.


Informative apps like i Muscle were the ones that kids could refer to even at home and used the to focus on essentials of fitness exercises- the how, the why and the what. The muscles that were affected during an exercise and how they could strengthen them to build flexibility and endurance .

Such apps reiterated what they were taught in the class.

eventually. i tested them on their knowledge through these fill up sheets.


A simple app that has found its place as a instant activity/warm up when students first enter the gymnasium. I simply connect the iPad to a projector (day 1) and as students arrive to class after getting changed they launch straight into the activity as a warm up.


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