Student Led Conferences

Here are some links to documents for student led conferences. They will be March 17, 2011 in the HOP!

All files can also be found in the shared folder at the following location

Y:MS-Students-Shared6th grade Student Led Conferences 2011

Student Led Conference Introduction:A how to guide

Below are questions to address in your introductory blog post. Questions themselves should be deleted and they should read like a paragraph. Your goal is to showcase your growth over time.

  • What do you most enjoy about your classes?
  • What challenges have you had to overcome in your classes?
  • How do you think of yourself academically?
  • What about friendship do you value? How do you see yourself as a friend?
  • Please list a few things you are doing well at school. Then take a few sentences to explain why.
  • Please list a few things you wish to improve on at school. Then take a few sentences to explain why.

While doing your conference, you won’t want to read the paragraph directly from the screen. You have a few options to help prevent that, choose one that you feel comfortable with.

  1. Highlight 10 important words
  2. Make an outline at the top or the bottom of the post

Lastly, you have the option make your post “private,” so that the post is not available to the public. While you are writing your post you will see a PUBLISH box on the right. You should click on EDIT next to PUBLIC. You have 2 options PASSWORD PROTECTED or PRIVATE. Choose on of those and then OK.

PUBLISH your post and categorize it SLC

A student example is below:

This year has been quite the journey for me! At the beginning of the year  I was SO disorganized, and I could never remember to bring my independent reading book or pencil case to class! The best part so far has been that my teachers have helped me every step of the way. Humanities is my favorite subject because I love writing stories and reading books. My teachers have helped me get organized. I feel OK about my success in class, but I think I could work a little harder, especially in Science. I do these things well: organization, participating in class, and group work. I can always explain how to do problems in math, but sometimes I have a hard time on the tests. Maybe I could go to Period 9 and work with my teachers, and I should probably do homework on the night it is due. Overall I feel like I’ve gotten better at figuring out how to be a sixth grader…being organized helps!!

  • so disorganized
  • teacher
  • humanities
  • work a little harder
  • Science
  • Participation
  • Tests
  • P9
  • Homework

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